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Mainstreet Piqua is a non-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization, promotion and economic development of downtown Piqua, Ohio.  The organization was founded in 1993 with a core mission of improving the heart of the Piqua community.

Mainstreet Piqua follows the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s 4-point approach for downtown revitalization. It is a designated Ohio Main Street Programand has been certified as a National Main Street Program for sixteen consecutive years.

The organization is led by a dedicated Board of Trustees and is widely supported by the downtown business community, area financial institutions and a host of corporate supporters and individuals from throughout the Piqua community and beyond.

They also appreciate the full support of the City of Piqua.

What We Do


We host a variety of family-oriented community events including Taste of the ArtsPiqua Community Farmers Market and Christmas on the Green. For a full listing of all our events please visit our Events Page.

To support the ongoing mission of the organization Mainstreet Piqua, we are proud to offer a complete line of Piqua collectibles and memorabilia. Our offerings include two different decks of Piqua Playing Cards featuring historical photos of Piqua, mugs, ornaments, note-cards, and a DVD featuring a 40-minute driving tour of Piqua shot in 1957.

There are numerous volunteer opportunities within the Mainstreet Piqua organization. If interested, please call us at  937-773-9355, or  if you have any questions feel free to drop us an email at info@mainstreetpiqua.co

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